Regenera Clinic Molise - Medicina e Chirurgia Rigenerativa HAIR MICROTRANSPLANTATION BY NEEDLES OF DIFFERENT GAUGES


Why is micro-transplantation the most widespread technique used for hair replacement?
Because it combines the advantages of local treatment with the absence of extensive surgical manipulation and a natural aesthetic result, since micro-grafts have been introduced. 

What is a "hair micro-graft "?
It is a graft consisting of one or two hair follicles.

What is the "Needle-Technique" for hair micro-transplantation?
This technique uses needles 1.5 to 3.5 mm in diameter and 40 mm long which, by cutting, providing haemostasis and carrying the hair follicles, can replace scalpel, dilators and micro-forceps.

How do you calculate the number of grafts to transplant?
By means of transparent patterns placed on the receptor area.

What kind of anaesthesia do you use?
Local anaesthesia, achieved with 0.5% xylocaine and adrenaline 1/50,000. I also infiltrate the supraorbital, temporal and occipital nerves.

How is the grafting procedure performed?
On bald areas I use the needle as a blade, choosing the right needle diameter and securing it to a chuck handle. For hair thickening, I insert the micro-graft into the needle, with the follicle(s) toward the tip. The needle, bearing the predetermined number of grafts, is inserted into the skin and the grafts are pushed into the subcutaneous tissue with a probe.

Where can I read more about "Hair Micro-transplantation with Needles"?
In "Hair Micro-transplantation by the Use of Needles".

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