ASSOCIAZIONE ITALIANA RICERCHE SULLA PLASTICITA’ TESSUTALE Burn of the Face, Collagenpoietic Surgery Center for Research into Tissue Plasticity



Is it possible to reconstruct the right side of my face disfigured by a burn?

Can we immediately transplant hairs to cover the scar?

I have already undergone a rotation flap, but now the right side of the face has become thinner. What do you suggest?

Thank you

G.G., Rome

You can restore both, volume and symmetry, by:

Autologous skin and subcutaneous MICRO-GRAFTS (Collagenpoietic Surgery) : hair follicles of the beard, mesenchimal cells, skin.

Collagenpoietic Surgery is an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia. The area is protected by medications, which are usually removed within the first postoperative week.