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Dear Dr. Fruscella, I read an article on "Water retention, orange peel, skin mattress ...", which announces new techniques, from Brazil and Israel, to eliminate them once and for all. I send to you the link to have a courteous opinion about it. Thank you.

G.S., Florence

Dear Mrs,

The article advertises some NON-INVASIVE techniques that would produce the following effects on dystrophies of the adipose tissue:

1. Dissolution of fat.

2. Epidermal regeneration with immediate tension. 

3. Destruction of fibrous nodules. 

4. Combustion of fatty deposits (small and large) in 10-12 sessions. 

Before publishing such statements, it would be advisable to read up on the boundless bibliography concerning OBESITY.

Surgery only allows to extract variable quantities of adipose tissue, realizing immediate WEIGHT REDUCTION, thanks to the possibility, granted by needle-like tools (collagenpoietic) to remove large portions of skin and fat.

Non-invasive instruments (radiofrequency, lasers, cryotherapies, etc.) are powerless to burn or dissolve the fat, without burning or dissolving the skin surface, which is the first barrier to reach the goal. They are used to promote a GRADUAL involution of adipose hypertrophy, along with diet, exercise, drainage techniques, topical medications.

In summary:

A) Thermogenesis, also obtained with economical and safe methods (paraffin, clay, peat), b) drainage, c) topicals (caffeine, phyto-extracts, vitamins etc.), d) gymnastics and sport (especially swimming), e) the proper diet improve , in a period of months, the clinical picture, deflating the adipose lobules and reducing, therefore, the orange peel effect (cottage cheese, capitonnè).

Surgery remodels resistant deformities or large skin laxity (aprons).

The new collagenopoietic techniques intervene:

1 On the volume of the adipose panniculus and, therefore, on the alterations of the body contour.

2 On the age of the skin, namely on the relaxation of the collagen and elastic fibers, recompacting them with micro-invasive procedures, and on the degeneration (chrono-aging) of the epidermal layers, by means of targeted excisions of cell sheets.

Laborious and long-lasting (a session takes on average four hours), indicated in a series of aging pathologies, pre-neoplastic states and specific dermopaties, produce lasting results thanks to the stimulation of ectodermal stem niches and to the grafting of mesodermal stem cells.   

We discuss your comments and your questions together.

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