Regenera Clinic Molise - Medicina e Chirurgia Rigenerativa



Dear Doctor,

[...] enclosed the catalog containing the products purchased by me and, specifically, "C.B", illustrated on page. 20, and "D.B". illustrated on page 21.

I await your opinion about the opportunity to use them.

Thanks and greetings

T. F., Campobasso.

Dear Mrs,

The capsules contain dry extracts of officinal plants (POWDER obtained by evaporation of a solvent by means of a complex galenic operation).

Your question about their effectiveness, promised by the seller, to PURIFY the organism forces the INFINITE issues of a) metabolic homeostasis, b) cleaning and disinfection of organs (from heavy metals, parasites, pathogenic microorganisms etc.), c) diet, d) psycho-physical  energy in a limited area.

You will understand by yourself that the answer to the question exceeds the limits of the administration of some pills throughout the day.